Zellalum Abebe – Regional Director 

Student ministry in the EPSA region has seen tremendous growth and now has more active Christian students than any other IFES region. Two of its movements – Ethiopia and Kenya – have more than 45,000 students. But there are challenges too: corruption, social injustice, political instability, poverty, and terrorism are everyday concerns for many students, as well as for their society at large. Students need wisdom and courage to live distinctively in this context.

Maintaining strong spiritual foundations will be vital for the continued growth in breadth and depth of campus ministry in the coming years.

Zellalum Abebe is the Regional Director for English/Portugese speaking Africa. He is based in Addas Ababa, Ethiopia. FPCE has close ties to this region with frequent exchanges through visits (to them/from them) and through Skype/Adult Ed., prayer gatherings, etc.

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Kevin VanHorne – Kevin.VanHorne@ifesworld.org
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