Meet our STAFF

Our TEAM IS here to help

You can reach staff members by calling the church office at 847-864-4172 or via email using the first initial and last name followed by

Rev. Dr. Tassie Green

Interim Senior Pastor

Caryl Weinberg

Director of Mission

Hannah Dixon McConnell

Director of Worship and Music/Choir

Julie Ruchniewicz

Faith Community Nurse

Jim Teague

Director of Communications

Operations & Other Staff:

Facilities Manager – Andrew Wallgren
Senior Administrator – Janice Dobschuetz
Finance Director – Michele Storz
Senior Accountant – Catherine Latturner
Crofton Coleman – Praise Band Director
Dr. Rebecca Chu – Organist
Administrative Assistant for Missions – Annette Logan
Reception – Gail Dotson
Reception – Deborah McDowell

Reception – Linda Rosenberg

Building & Maintenance – Jason Allen
Building & Maintenance – Aaron Budoff

Building & Maintenance – Juan Rios