United Mission to India (UMI)

Rev. Christudas Retnadas was a regular attender of FPCE while studying at Trinity Seminary. He started United Mission to India in 2002 with a vision for reaching those in India and parts of Nepal most resistant to the gospel, primarily those of higher caste who have been left without any witness for Christ by existing missions. Their organization trains and sends out missionary couples to areas of intense hostility toward the gospel- in Southern India and Nepal. They suer persecution very directly. Yet, see people coming to Christ, and have two baptisms each year with up to 60 people. Couples use the strategy of building a small home which they use for teaching/community center toward an eventual church.

Contact information:
Rev. Dr. Christudas Retnadas – unitedmissionindia@gmail.com

Rev. Dr. Christudas Retnadas