Overview: The Mission New Life Shelter Volunteer assists First Presbyterian Evanston in accomplishing its mission: To know Christ and to grow in him as we serve and make disciples in Evanston, the Chicago area, and the world. The person in this position ensures that guests of the New Life Shelter have a caring presence in their midst to help with individual needs.


  • Every one to two weeks, shelter guests have been met with and assisted.
  • Where necessary, tutoring has been provided to shelter guests.
  • Games have been organized with children from the shelter.
  • Adults have been assisted with resumes and interview preparation as needed.
  • In coordination with the shelter, other fun activities have been planned when possible.
  • Shelter staff members have been assisted as needed.
  • Participation in special events and holidays has occurred when possible, including games with children and food donation.
  • Child Care to give parents a break.

Relationships, Team Composition:

The Mission New Life Shelter Volunteer reports to the shelter staff and is part of a 20-member team of shelter volunteers.

Time Commitment: 4-8 Hours per Month

Special Talents, Skills Preferred: Hospitality, concern and compassion for the poor and marginalized, justice-oriented, enjoys interaction with children and adults, flexible, dependable and regular (especially if tutoring).

Resources, Training Provided: Orientation provided by Good News, FPCE leader will assist and orient as well.

Tom Alrich, talrich@hotmail.com
Dane Watkins, creativedane@gmail.com