Evangelical Church of 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt

Pastor Isaac
Tenth of Ramadan Church: The primary focus of the Presbyterian Church in 10th of Ramadan city is to serve Christian families who have moved recently to the new city of 10th of Ramadan. Situated adjacent to a Coptic church and surrounded by mosques, the church offers holistic ministry that touches all sides of human life: Worship services, Sunday school for children and youth, financial assistance for poorer members, as well as a clinic and kindergarten. They are now seeking to plant a new church in another part of Tenth of Ramadan City. This church is one of those planted as a part of New Church Development of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt. FPCE pastors and members visited here as part of a New Church Development Program with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt in 2002 (just after 9/11). FPCE has contributed to both the building of the church, and its ministries as the only protestant church in this city of 500,000.

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10th of Ramadan