Thoughts from
Jim Teague
FPCE director of communications.

If you play golf anywhere near as badly as I do, then you understand what it means to have a bag full of options and none of them good.

I have, on rare occasion, hit my driver straight and true, but rare is the hole where I follow that up by making an anywhere near acceptable iron or wedge shot. And let’s not even bother talking about my putting. Others talk about “reading the greens.” I am completely illiterate.

When I first became a believer and sought to draw others to my way of thinking about Jesus, Salvation, and the meaning of Truth, I was much like I am now with my golf clubs. I had all the right tools at my disposal, but neither the experience in nor understanding of how to use them.

After over 30 years, I confess there are still many times when a life situation, conversation, or opportunity to share the Gospel comes along and I am stymied as to what to say. In those moments I have found that asking God how I can love those I am with is like a master key that opens the door to inspiration. It’s not the words (they’re not some magic incantation). But when I bring God’s love for others to the challenging moments in life, I just find God is faithful to bring an appropriate or helpful Scripture reference to mind.

Back to the golf analogy for a second: Just like each club has a different purpose or function, so too the various verses, chapters, and books of the Bible each bring their own “nuance” to the process of living life.

On Sunday, Rev. Dr. Tassie Green continues our teaching series about the Bible, with a message entitled “The Bible is a Weapon.” Please join us in person or online to explore the question of how we “fight the good fight” with God’s word in a world that is eager to tussle.

May God’s presence be with us,

Jim Teague
Director of Communications

Image by Alexander Fox | PlaNet Fox from Pixabay