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Taking Things Bird by Bird

Thoughts from Jim Teague FPCE director of communications. I recently read the book “Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life” by author Anne Lamott. Truthfully, I didn’t read the book. As is my way more and more, I listened to it as an audiobook. This one was narrated by Lamott herself. Her unique

Music of the Heart

Thoughts from Jim Teague FPCE director of communications. There is probably nothing in this life that keeps me more grounded in my relationship with Jesus than music. I simply cannot imagine spending the last 40+ years of walking in faith (sometimes more successfully than others) without having had songs and hymns to turn to in

Equipped for Love

Thoughts from Jim Teague FPCE director of communications. If you play golf anywhere near as badly as I do, then you understand what it means to have a bag full of options and none of them good. I have, on rare occasion, hit my driver straight and true, but rare is the hole where I

Advent: Love All

This week's feature article is written by Jim Teague FPCE director of communications.  Advent Conspiracy: Worship Fully. Spend Less. Give More. Love all. AC Week 4/Christmas: Love AllIn the first chapter of her book Advent: The Season of Hope (Fullness of Time), author and Anglican Priest Tish Harrison Warren writes "Advent

Interfaith Action

Interfaith Action of Evanston Sue Murphy, Executive Director Interfaith Action of Evanston (IAE) coordinates the Warming Center/Overnight Shelter/Hospitality Center/Soup Kitchens in Evanston. Made up of many of the different faith communities, it is one was we join with people of other faiths to serve the hungry and homeless population in Evanston.

On a Walk with Curiosity

This week's eNewsletter Feature was written by Rev. Dr. Tassie Green, FPCE interim senior pastor. Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, This week in worship we’re taking a closer look at Moses. He’s one of my favorite Biblical leaders because Moses was a curious person... and because he did a good job leading a

In Defense of Childlikeness

This week's eNewsletter Feature was written by Jim Teague, FPCE director of communications. Dear friends – Author Paul Miller begins his book A Praying Life, by encouraging us to “become like a child.” He notes Jesus encouraged his disciples in childlike behavior on more than one occasion (Mark 10:14-15, Matthew 18:3, just to name

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