Our Current Teaching Series

Join us at FPCE in Eastertide for our current teaching series, Colorful Connections: Practices that B.L.E.S.S.

We’ll explore together:

  • What does the Bible say that can help and encourage us to connect?
  • Why does sharing good news sometimes feel so bad?
  • When does the Holy Spirit show up? What is our role, what is God’s?
  • Who benefits when we really listen to others–and ask better questions?
  • Why experiment with transforming meals into intentional spaces for building relationships and community?
  • How do we move beyond blessing only people who are “just like us?”
  • What are ways that serving others in love can become a way to address injustice?
  • Why is sharing our stories a powerful tool for connecting with others?

Week 1 – Begin With Prayer

Week 2 – Listen with Care

Week 3 – Eat Together