Thoughts from
Rev. Dr. Tassie Green,
Interim Senior Pastor.

 “Come Thou Fount of Many Blessings”
by Robert Robinson (1758)

Come Thou fount of every blessing
Tune my heart to sing Thy grace
Streams of mercy never ceasing
Call for songs of loudest praise

Teach me some melodious sonnet
Sung by flaming tongues above
Praise the mount, I’m fixed upon it
Mount of God’s Unchanging love

What comes to your mind when you compare your faith to “…the mount, I’m fixed upon it,” as the old hymn goes? Do you remember one particular moment such as when you were baptized or committed your life to Christ? Or the spiritual “high” of a week at camp, or a youth group retreat, or a spiritual breakthrough of understanding or feeling God’s forgiveness? Or a time when you felt God’s presence or peace, perhaps while outdoors in nature or gathered with family or friends?

For me personally, I might answer “all of the above,” though Young Life camps have provided pivotal moments of spiritual growth for me.  As did learning to serve communion as a new elder at a PC(USA) church in Seattle.

Praise the mount of God’s unchanging love….” This lyric represents Peter’s mountaintop faith

moment. It speaks to spiritual euphoria and feeling the closeness of God. In this Bible story from Matthew 16:13-20, Peter proclaims who Jesus is. He speaks with conviction. Peter claims his faith.

What is one key sentence or phrase that helps you explain your own faith to others? When we have the courage to say, “This, I believe…” then that conviction has a ripple effect on others. When life gets rocky, we lean on mountaintop moments and our deepest convictions to see us through.”  -Rev. Lisle Gwynn Garrity

Questions for thought this week:

  • If you had to speak your faith in one sentence or phrase, what would you say?
  • What are the “mountaintop” moments of your faith when you felt like God was close?
  • Have you ever experienced spiritual joyfulness? If so, what was that like?
  • How do you anchor yourself in those memories when life gets hard?

On the journey with you,

Pastor Tassie