Thoughts from
Rev. Dr. Tassie Green,
FPCE interim senior pastor.

Many thanks to the 40+ brave folks who not only came to worship on a cold, cold Sunday, January 14, but also joined in a lively PWP discussion. Together we looked at demographics of the area, concerns and needs of the people in the community, and generational shifts–in sum, what we call the “local predicament.” Then we dreamed together of what headlines could appear in a community newspaper to show FPCE’s hope-filled actions in response.

Newsflash Forward Exercise: Dream up newspaper headlines to show how FPCE might act to meet the local need or”Local Predicament.”

  • 30 (or even 100) Youth on mission trip to Mexico
  • FP Partners with NU & ETHS to reopen warming center
  • FP serves up love with each bowl
  • 136 empty shelter beds in Evanston!
  • FP spearheads efforts to bring local churches together to pool resources
  • First Pres offers low-income housing in new building, built on former parking lot with new underground lot
  • FP opens gym to youth for after-school basketball
  • FP helps 40 asylum-seekers get settled
  • FP adopts 30 NU int’l students
  • Local churches partner w/affordable housing developer to create 100 housing units
  • Feature story ideas:
  •  Jesus Wins! (n.b. God at work in lives)
  •  “I feel so welcomed”
  •  Souper Saturday: 40 years serving

What needs do you see in your neighborhood? What action would you dream up for the church to take?


On the Journey with you,

Pastor Tassie