Series to focus on how we bless others

Join us at FPCE in Eastertide for our new teaching series, Colorful Connections: Practices that B.L.E.S.S.

We’ll look at everyday ways to love our neighbors and to reach across boundaries with God’s love. We’ll explore together:

  • What does the Bible say that can help and encourage us to connect?
  • Why does sharing good news sometimes feel so bad?
  • When does the Holy Spirit show up? What is our role, what is God’s?
  • Who benefits when we really listen to others–and ask better questions?
  • Why experiment with transforming meals into intentional spaces for building relationships and community?
  • How do we move beyond blessing only people who are “just like us?”
  • What are ways that serving others in love can become a way to address injustice?
  • Why is sharing our stories a powerful tool for connecting with others?

We want you to join our Evanston family

We hold membership classes every few months for those interested in exploring what it means to be a member of First Presbyterian Church of Evanston. Those who attend are under no obligation to join… It’s just a great way for anyone to learn who we are, where God has brought us from, and what a greater engagement with our church might look like.