Serving Mission International (SIM)

Kathleen Johnson: Kathleen is a former FPCE member who works with SIM in Bualo, NY with Yemeni and Somali refugees. (predominately women and
children.) She does ESL classes to help women adapt to the US, and various programs with the children. There are very “closed’ communities of people,
even in the U. S. but they are open to Kathleen. She is very bold with the gospel.

1. Pray for her time while teaching over the phone. It is much harder than helping the women in person. (Especially when it comes to English sounds
that are similar like “b” and “p”

2. Pray for a mounting set of medical bills. She is homing to contest one, but prayers are needed. Money needs in general is a large concern during this

3. Pray for the families of the 22 people who have lost family members to COVID-19. Many of the same concerns around the US are there, low testing,
unexpected high rate of death withing the African American community, social distancing struggles. etc.

4. Pray for Kathleen specically during this month of April. She lost both parents during April and it is always a harer month to live through.


1. Needs new hotwater tank – limited availability
2. Pray for classes she continues to teach online

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