Kenn Johnson, Executive Director

The mission of Good News Partners (GNP) is “To end homelessness and hopelessness with everyone God brings to us, and to foster justice and build
bridges of reconciliation.” By God’s grace, GNP creates and sustains safe, affordable and reliable housing while also ushering our resident partners
toward self-sufficiency by providing accessible support services and increasing their employability. During its 41-year history in Chicago, GNP has
served thousands of the most impoverished residents of the North of Howard/East Rogers Park neighborhood. An asset-based community
development (ABCD) organization focused on affordable housing, economic development, and education, GNP is committed to empowering our
residents with the tools and skills to transition from homelessness to independent living.

1. Blessings. At the moment they have no infections among their resident population, They have set aside one apartment should one of their residents
need it.
2. Prayer requests for sta who operate without personal protective gear. That their population remains healthy and continues to practice social
distancing. Sta are reaching out to some residents who may not be able to leave their apartments due to physical limitations and assessing needs.
3. Pray for Kenn’s personal safety during this time also the safety of sta who work without protective gear
4. Pray as GNP is currently understanding, they do not currently have a development person and the accountant is semi-retired and unable to come to
work so Kenn is doing double duty- the city announced some funding opportunities that they are applying for and have a very short time to prepare an
application and assemble data.
5. Physical/Tangible Needs: They need some distance thermometers. They also need protective wear for their sta – with no gear or ways to take
temperatures, the communities only protection is maintaining social distance.

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