Rev. Dr. Atef Gendy, President

ETSC was founded in 1863 on the houseboat Ibis, which was used as a floating seminary for theological studies and practical training. In 1926 the main campus in Cairo was established. The geographical reach of ETSC increased due to the opening of two extension campuses in Minia (150 miles south Cairo) and Alexandria (140 miles north Cairo.) Sixty-three students are enrolled in the extension campuses in addition to 260 students on the Cairo campus. Distance Learning technology has enabled the professors to lecture simultaneously to students gathered in two locations for a particular class, saving them the weekly commute by train to these cities. With a robust mission department, an increasing number of students are feeling the call to go beyond Egypt to proclaim the Good News, with Sudan and Iraq being of special focus. A new Center for Middle East Christianity serves pastors and scholars who seek to deepen their understanding of the context of the Church over its long history in the region. First Presbyterian Evanston partners with The Outreach Foundation to support the ministries of ETSC


Last Friday, we sent our residential students home and announced a one-week vacation followed by three weeks of online learning for all of our students. Currently, we are working diligently to get all of our courses ready to finish the term online (though we have not communicated this to our students yet). In addition, we are taking unprecedented measures to work from home and reduce social interaction to ensure the safety and health of our seminary and the wider community. Please pray for us as we strive to reflect Christian faithfulness in the midst of a dynamic, confusing and chaotic time.