Frontier Fellowship

Dan is a long-time friend, partner and frequent attender/teacher/preacher at FPCE. He works with Frontier Fellowship to connect local USA
congregations to Mission in Egypt, Iran, and Gulf States in particular. He also connects local Christians to local mosques in the U.S. to build bridges of
reconciliation and friendship. Dan is a gifted trainer and church mobilizer.

1. Frontier Fellowship is planning a new initiative in South Asia (Dan’s focus will remain in Syria, Egypt, Iran and Muslim and Christian refugees.)

2. Prayers for him include support for those missions (They need to raise $200,000 to meet payroll and expenses this year.

3. Prayers as he preaching about his mission in churches in the US and mixing with folks in their congregations.

4. Prayers for Egyptian Bible Society as they are having difficulties delivering Bibles to clergy and followers. Pray for them as they try and nd unique
strategies to do this.

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