Our Vision

Strategic Plan

FPCE is in the midst of a Strategic Plan process, in partnership with outside consultants Ministry Architects.

Using a construction model as the primary analogy for the process, our planning is overseen by the “Design Team” made up of congregation members, staff and our consultants.

If you have ANY question about the Strategic Plan process,
please email designteam@firstpresevanston.org. This confidential email goes only to members of the Design Team, and we will respond promptly when appropriate.

The Design Team:
Alexis Langlois
Timothy Minich
Jon Phillips
Susan Powell
Karen Shaw
Kathy Tan Shiau
Senior Pastor Raymond Hylton

Leadership Structure Task Force:
Alexis Langlois
Kim Langlois
John Powell
Matt McLeod
Dan Shiau
LeRoy Klemt
Patty Bastian
Cynthia Bridges
Jon Phillips
Catherine Latturner
Peter Steffen
Amanda Golbek

Year-Round Stewardship Task Force:
Deb Cross
Go Sugiura
JJ Ivaska
Katie Fitzgerald
Robert McConnell

Ministry Architects Team Members:
Annette Safstrom, Senior Consultant
Debbie Freeman, Consultant
Rob Dyer, Consultant

Vision News

Design Team Update – 01/20/2019

  • The Strategic Plan’s Visioning Summit was held on January 11 and 12. The Ministry Architects team led 60 Elders, Deacons, Trustees, staff and Design Team members in brainstorming.

  • The Summit resulted in a deeper understanding about the mission of our church, our core values, our 10 year goals, and how we will measure achievement.

  • The Design Team now needs to translate these ideas into action steps. The result will then be presented to Session for discussion about a clear plan forward.
    In parallel to the Summit, the following topics are being studied by various teams of church members:

  1. Stewardship: defining a comprehensive stewardship approach that encompasses time, talent, spiritual gifts as well as financial contributions
  2. Governance: surveying 8 other similar size churches in the Presbytery on their governance model
  3. Ministries inventory: launching a survey to all Ministry leaders to measure the current time and talent commitment of each Ministry

Design Team Update – 01/03/2019

  • Strategic Plan project is now fully operational, with Pastor Ray, Ministry Architects, and the Design Team fully engaged and organized to conduct the project.
  • A “Visioning Summit” with Trustees, Elders, Deacons and the Design Team will take place January 11 & 12.
  • A comprehensive inventory of impact, investment and stewardship data provided by FPCE is being conducted to paint the full picture of our ministries and resources.