Overview: A Trustee assists First Presbyterian Evanston in accomplishing its mission: To know Christ and to grow in him as we serve and make disciples in Evanston, the Chicago area, and the world.

According to the First Pres bylaws, a Trustee at First Pres serves on the Board of Trustees of the First Presbyterian Society of Evanston, and shares the duty (with other trustees) to receive, hold, encumber, manage and transfer the property, real or personal, of First Presbyterian Evanston. Trustees have the authority to accept and execute deeds of title to such property, to hold and defend title to such property, to manage any permanent special funds for the furtherance of the purposes of First Presbyterian Evanston, and to perform such other functions as are delegated to it by the Session, all subject to the authority of the Session and the laws of the State of Illinois. Trustees are elected officers of the church.


  • These are spelled out in the First Pres bylaws and

Relationships, Team Composition:

Trustees must be members of the church and serve on the Board of Trustees as part of the bicameral structure of church leardership also made up of the Board of Elders (Session).

Time Commitment: As needed, but includes (at minimum):

  • Monthly meetings of the Trustees
  • Participation in other councils or committees.
  • Annual meetings
  • Special meetings as necessary
  • Regular church attendance at First Pres is required

Special Talents, Skills Preferred: Education and/or experience in corporation finance with an understand of a wide variety of financial planning practices and principles.

Resources, Training Provided: Leadership Training, Safety education, CPR offered annually.

Volunteer job description written 1/6/22