Overview: The Scripture Reader assists First Presbyterian Evanston in accomplishing its mission: To know Christ and to grow in him as we serve and make disciples in Evanston, the Chicago area, and the world. The person in this position assists in the worship life of FPCE by reading Scripture during the service. 


  • The assigned Scripture passage has been prepared and practiced leading up to the service. 
  • Help with pronunciation, enunciation, and timing has been sought from the coordinator of readers as necessary. 
  • Scripture has been read during the worship service. 

Relationships, Team Composition:

The Scripture Reader reports to the Coordinator of Readers and is part of a rotating team of up to 52 members who read once per year. 

Time Commitment: 2 Hours per Time 

  • Includes practice and the worship service

Special Talents, Skills Preferred: Desire to serve others, heart of worship, willingness to read in front of people, ability to enunciate slowly and clearly, ability to convey the meaning of a text through their voice.  

Resources, Training Provided: The Coordinator of Readers is available to listen and give advice in preparation for reading.

Hannah McConnell

Volunteer job description written 4/14/2021
Revised 5/05/2022