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“The church of God does not have a mission in the world, but the God of Mission has a church in the world.”

Tim Dearborn

First Presbyterian Evanston Missions

At First Presbyterian Evanston, our vision is to empower and equip every member  to be Christ’s witnesses locally and globally, engaging with and supporting our mission partners.  We do this by using the following as guides:

1. Building relationships with our partners

2. Focusing on outreach ministries that are relational, cross-cultural, in areas of disparities with vulnerable people groups

3. Focusing our funds on those serving in full time ministry, particularly in unreached areas

4. Providing education that is relevant and equipping in nature. 

In 2020, we look forward to inviting members to embrace the vision for being “sent” in mission, through nurturing and expanding relationships with our partners, providing classes and intentional trips and experiences for all ages.


During this time our Mission Council is enlisting individuals or small groups from the church to join in communicating with and praying for our Mission Partners around the globe.  If you are interested in connecting with one of FPCE’s Mission Partners, contact Mission Director, Caryl Weinberg at or Missions Assistant Kelly Levander at



First Presbyterian Church’s Mission Council goal is for our mission partners to experience regular connectedness and prayer support from our church through virtual communications during this COVID19 crisis, and hopefully beyond this critical time.

Click HERE to read weekly updated prayer requests 

We are highlighting prayers from our partners on this page on a rotating basis.*

AFRICA- DR Congo  – Jeff and Christi Boyd

1. For the health and well-being of our extended family. In particular our parents who are well into their 80s. Our daughter Salome and her husband, who evacuated out of Ivory Coast a few days ago in an airplane with several people coughing and generally not being sensitive to the concerns of those around them. We are also concerned for our youngest, Naomi, who just finished medical school and started work a week and a half ago as a doctor in an emergency room in the Netherlands. She, like other medical professionals are at higher risk to become infected with the virus.

2. For PCUSA mission coworkers struggling with questions about returning to the US, isolating at home in the country of residence, trying to estimate spread of the virus, duration of crisis and ability to adhere to the level of isolation necessary.

3. For our partners who are feeling the strain already of the measures taken early to limit the spread: schools closed, churches unable to hold worship services, gatherings limited in size, etc. Their health services will be strained as their personnel are at risk. and I are doing great, actually. We have been if anything putting in more hours and getting more done than before this whole thing. Pray for the areas where things have had to go virtual: The Bible studies and accountability groups have adjusted well (solid platforms: Zoom), the church services less so (Facebook Live).

 Salaam Medical Center- Dr. Freddy Elbaidy 

1. May the Lord Keep our team encouraged and encouraging those who are in need!

2. We are certain that the Lord is with us during the crisis, but we pray that He will continue to use us during the crisis to reflect His image and His love.

3.  At SMC , we are busy working ‪24/7, checking on suspected patients, treating sick patients, and spreading awareness among the public. We are running out of resources because of the high demand for protective devices and disinfectants and because of the prices which reached 25 times higher than what it was before the crisis

Evangelical Theological Seminary Cairo- Dr. Atef Gendy

 Here at ETSC we are striving to be as faithful and proactive as we can in facing COVID-19.

1. Pray for students and teachers as they are in the midst of navigating online learning for at least a few more weeks and most likely the rest of the term online.

2. Pray for staff as then work from home to reduce social interaction to ensure the safety and health of our seminary and the wider community.

3. Please pray for us as we strive to reflect Christian faithfulness in the midst of a dynamic, confusing and chaotic time.

*Updated 4/4/2020



First Presbyterian Evanston has been working with Connections for the Homeless in the hopes that we can help ease the difficulty for our homeless community during this time.  Connections has collaborated with partners to provide 3 new temporary shelters during this time.

What Connections needs right now:  

1. VOLUNTEERS: If you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.Volunteer form

2. BAGGED LUNCHES:      We continue to need lunch bags for Dewey Avenue. Please sign up here –  Bagged Lunches

3. FINANCIAL SUPPORT.  With additional needs for everything from crisis housing solutions, cleaning supplies, emergency supplies, and overtime pay. Please consider making a gift today.

4. DONTATE: We need can openers, cereal, and tuna. Please drop donations at 2121 Dewey Avenue between 8:30 and 4 M-F.

Click HERE for updated information from Connections for the Homeless

Connections Facebook: Facebook


Good News Partners Volunteers Neeed

Interested in helping out as an individual or with your small group at Good News Partners? Please contact Dana Teeter at


Our desire is to understand how God wants to use our church in Evanston, Chicago and the world in His work of redemption.  We choose to model the way we serve based on  Jesus’ description of His ministry in Luke 4:17-19, from that point, we developed the below ministry categories: