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An Easter Greeting from Rev. Dr. Jack Sara, President of Bethlehem Bible College.

Bethlehem Bible College is one of FPCE’s Mission Partners committed to developing national Christian leaders in the majority world.

Isolated Believers 7-Day Prayer Guide

In countries where it is difficult or dangerous to follow Jesus, Isolated Believers risk everything to live out their faith. Sat-7’s prayer guide shares their stories and teaches us how we can prayer for our Christian brothers and sisters around the globe.

Click here to download the 7-Day Prayer Guide!

Pray for Ukraine

December 22, 2022–
Below we share a video created by mission partners TCI, updating the world on the reality of life in war areas like Kherson. Please continue to offer your prayers and support to the people of Ukraine.

For more detailed prayers from our partners in Ukraine click on image above.  You can also find more information about our Mission Partner  Tavriski Christian Institute on their US Facebook page.  We are regularly updating information that is able to be shared widely within the US.


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Pray for Greg and Mari Chimitris, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Prayers are needed for Greg Chimitris, area director of InterVarsity, as he prepares to preach twice on the book of Mark at their upcoming year-end Summer Retreat. Please pray for God to speak to him, and convince him through the Word, as he prepares to teach. Ask God specifically to highlight stories and illustrations that will reach the students. Also, pray for a good working dynamic between Greg and the other teachers.

Greg has expressed that he has been feeling anxiety without knowing the root cause. His sleep is not good and he’s experiencing fatigue. Please ask God to increase Greg’s trust in Him, and ask for clarity about where this anxiety is coming from. Pray for Greg to use the skills he’s learned to make an impact.

Lord, give him peace, wisdom and clarity as he navigates his feelings, limitations, and passions.