First Presbyterian Evanston Missions

At First Presbyterian Evanston, our vision is to empower and equip every member  to be Christ’s witnesses locally and globally, engaging with and supporting our mission partners.  We do this by using the following as guides:

1. Building relationships with our partners

2. Focusing on outreach ministries that are relational, cross-cultural, in areas of disparities with vulnerable people groups

3. Focusing our funds on those serving in full time ministry, particularly in unreached areas

4. Providing education that is relevant and equipping in nature. 

In 2021, we look forward to inviting members to embrace the vision for being “sent” in mission, through nurturing and expanding relationships with our partners, providing classes and intentional trips and experiences for all ages.


During this time our Mission Council is enlisting individuals or small groups from the church to join in communicating with and praying for our Mission Partners around the globe.  If you are interested in connecting with one of FPCE’s Mission Partners, contact Mission Director, Caryl Weinberg at 


“Hope doesn’t wait for vision to appear.  Hope is vision in action today.” – Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb

The holidays are over, but FPCE wanted to share a short video with you all about the state of our dear Mission Partners, Bright Stars of Bethlehem, and the difficult events happening in Palestine.  Click HERE for more information on Bright Stars of Bethlehem and their ministries.


Click on a section below to learn how our partners are working around the world.