First Presbyterian Evanston Missions

For more detailed prayers from our partners in Ukraine click on image above.  You can also find more information about our Mission Partner  Tavriski Christian Institute on their US Facebook page.  We are regularly updating information that is able to be shared widely within the US.


A short video series about what community means to our Mission Partners around the world! First up, Rev. Valentin Siniy of Tavriski Christian Institute. Click here to view the entire series


Click on a section below to learn how our partners are working around the world.


Pray for the FPCE First Friends Ministry

Please pray for our First Friends Ministry which serves predominantly Syrian refugees and immigrants in our area. Pray for the various families as some take their US citizenship exams, particularly those still struggling with English and even literacy. Lift up our younger children still struggling to read well in English. Praise God for tutors who have stepped up to read with them (by zoom and/or in person). Yet ask for more to sense God’s calling in their lives to do that. We pray for those still struggling to earn a regular income and for those who have accumulated debt. Praise God that some of the high school students have done so well and are already, or will be, attending College. These young people often bear much responsibility in their homes as well, so pray for their flourishing under so much pressure. Please remember Sally Ivaska, along with Pastor Younan Shiba, and Caryl Weinberg, as they lead this ministry, resourcing families and volunteers. And above all, please pray that Jesus will reveal himself to these precious families through our volunteers, through children, through dreams or any way that God chooses.