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FPCE mission partner, Evangelical Theological Seminary (Cairo), featured in Christianity Today! 

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Pray for Ukraine

For more detailed prayers from our partners in Ukraine click on image above.  You can also find more information about our Mission Partner  Tavriski Christian Institute on their US Facebook page.  We are regularly updating information that is able to be shared widely within the US.


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MISSION PRAYER 011.05.2022

Pray for Tumekutana: African Presbyterian and Reformed Women’s Leaders

“Tumekutana” means “we have come together”in Swahili. 

Praise the Lord for the success of the Tumekutana virtual gathering that happened this fall. It was very well attended, with 20 African countries represented as well as guests from four other countries around the world. The theme, “Resilience in the midst of Covid”, offered a venue to share difficulties and challenges, while hearing strategies for overcoming the challenges, and Biblical teaching that gave vision and hope. There were times for singing and prayer, as well as animated discussions about the way forward for Tumekutana. The women have taken ownership and have become more resilient in the midst of increasing poverty and instability in many countries in Africa. Please pray that the changes to the constitution will be successfully completed and that the ladies who are leaders in their various denominations throughout Africa will be used by God to empower women and their families, and to mobilize and promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.