Overview: The Small Group Leader assists First Presbyterian Evanston in accomplishing its mission: To know Christ and to grow in him as we serve and make disciples in Evanston, the Chicago area, and the world. The person in this position facilitates study, conversation, and relationships through adult small groups. 


  • Personal prayer and devotion has been practiced daily. 
  • Casual communication has been initiated with small group members throughout the week through texting, social media, etc. 
  • The small group study has been planned through careful preparation of the book or Biblical passage and development of questions each week. 
  • Small group members have been reminded of the gathering and followed up with each week. 
  • The small group gathering has been facilitated each week. 
  • Attention has been given to group dynamics and facilitation has encouraged equal sharing opportunities and a safe environment.  
  • Communication has been kept up with the Small Groups Committee through monthly emails and a quarterly phone call check-in. 
  • Annual leadership trainings or celebration events have been attended. 

Relationships, Team Composition:

The Small Group Leader reports to the Small Groups Committee.

Time Commitment: 3-6 Hours per Week

  • Includes preparation, communication, and facilitation.

Special Talents, Skills Preferred: Teaching, hospitality, listening, love for people, empathetic, competent facilitating, spiritual maturity, clear communication.     

Resources, Training Provided: Guides, suggested curriculum, training through apprenticeship/class model, support and guidance from Small Groups Committee.

Rosemary Mauck

Volunteer job description written 4/26/21
Updated 5/5/22