The temptation of Jesus gives us hope when we are tempted.

    We live in forgiveness and freedom, because Jesus – our scapegoat – took away our sin.

  Instead of restricting freedoms, the commandments liberate the believer to love God and neighbor.

  Just as God called Moses to serve his generation; God continues to call us to serve our generation.

  Sin affects not just our relationship with God, but our relationship with each other.

  Sin entered the world through the disobedience of the man and the woman. The Bible is basically the story about God’s pursuit of people who wandered from God’s plan.

  While the bible does not say how everything was created, it does say why God created everything.

Fear shrinks the capacity of the heart to rejoice and be glad. The inquiry of the Magi provoked fear and deceit in the heart of King Herod. Instead of rejoicing…

The fact that shepherds heard the most important announcement ever, says nothing about them and everything about God. The culture in which Jesus was born did not give any honor…

The word decide or decision means to cut off or to kill. Making a decision leads one into making a choice that closes off other options. Joseph had to make…

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