Overview: The Adult education class leader assists First Presbyterian Evanston in accomplishing its mission: To know Christ and to grow in him as we serve and make disciples in Evanston, the Chicago area, and the world. This is accomplished by providing opportunities for spiritual growth through scriptural based


  • Devotion/prayer (.25-.50 hour/day)
  • Casual communication with enrollees, e.g. texting and social media (0-0.25 hours/day)
  • Consult with producer of audio-visual supplements (0-1.0 hour/week)
  • Consult with Zoom host (.25 hour)
  • Preparation: read and summarize materials; formulate questions; pray (2-5 hours/week)
  • Communication: send reminder and follow-up e-mails (.25-.75 hour/week)
  • Facilitate class discussion or lecture (.75 hour/week)
  • Draft description of course (.25-.50 hour)

Relationships, Team Composition:

The Adult Education Class leader reports to Adult Education committee. 

Time Commitment: 3-6 Hours per Week

Special Talents, Skills Preferred:

  • Desire for edification of Christ’s disciples
  • Fealty to truth
  • Respect for Christian tradition
  • Analytic and synthetic mind
  • Good listening and empathy
  • Assertiveness
  • Clarity of communication

Resources, Training Provided:

  • Consultation with Discipleship Council
  • Consultation with experienced leaders of courses for adults

Richard Bell Email: rsbell@ameritech.net
Phone number: 847-475-5095

Volunteer job description written 5/4/2022