International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES)

Middle East/North Africa Region

IFES Ministry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) aims to establish a healthy student ministry in every country in the Arab world.  IFES has been involved with student ministry in the MENA region since 1987.  The region comprises 18 countries, 15 of which are hostile to Christians according to the Open Doors World Watch List.  There are 10 established national student movements in the MENA region.  IFES/MENA is actively pioneering work in five countries, and opportunity seeking in three more.  We are building up a staff and students throughout the region to be thoughtful Christian leaders.  IFES regional conferences aim to strengthen and train Christian students, leaders and graduates.  Recently, there has been a focus on equipping for outreach to those from a Muslim background.  These regional activities are especially strategic in this context and also provide much-needed fellowship and support for Christians who are struggling with isolation and persecution.

UPDATED 4/17/2020

1. We thank God for all the situation and believe that he is in control, and we also know that this world will be their disease and suffering, and we pray that our God protects his people and takes care of them in every pause and stands and uses his authority to stop the spread of the virus .

2. As a ministry of the Ministry of Students, Universities, and Schools was closed for about two weeks, we canceled most of our programs and tried to use social media as much as possible. In the West Bank there are 44 people during this coved 19 in the Bethlehem area, most of them in the Bethlehem area and the rest of the Holy Land. There are approximately 350 during this Covid-19 and helping people see God The numbers are large and we pray that God will give wisdom to act in these circumstances.

3. As a family, there are no schools and nights that do not go to work and we try to fulfill our obligations from within the home as much as possible.

Please continue praying for us a family and ministry and country