On October 20, 2019, we welcomed the following new members to FPCE!

Shella Acha was born in Cameroon.  She committed her life to Christ as a child and grew up in the Presbyterian church in Cameroon.   Her desire is to have a strong walk with Christ.  She currently works as a nurse.
Daniel Martin  grew up in a Christian home and that helped shaped his Christian faith.  However, his biggest influence on his faith was his involvement with Denison Avenue Congregational Church in Cleveland.  He has two adult sons.  He is currently retired but was previously a Professor of Head & Neck Surgery at University of Chicago.
Heather Matherne was born and raised Catholic but also attended non-denominational churches with friends throughout her youth.  She and her husband have a mutual love for God and have a three year old daughter.  She wants to join First Pres because they are looking for a home base.  She currently works as a flight attendant.
Christie Miller grew up attending church and has always been involved with music in the church.  She felt like she gained a true understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ in high school.  She is very excited about the Stephen Ministry training she is in right now.  She wants to become a more mature Christian and servant.  She is thankful for First Pres and the community of believers and how the church inspires her to grow spiritually, creatively and to connect with others. She currently works as the Director of Cultural Events and Non-Credit Education at Northeastern Illinois University.
Emmanuel Muma was born in CameroonHe is engaged to be married to Mirabel Njeh on November 9, 2019.  He grew up in a Christian home and his family went to a Presbyterian church in Cameroon.  He is grateful to be in the US and is excited to join First Pres.  He currently works as a Nursing Assistant.
Mirabel Njeh was born in Cameroon.  She is engaged to be married to Emmanuel Muma on November 9, 2019. She was baptized as a child and credits her pastor back home as spiritually shaping her Christian life as an adult.  She is excited to join First Pres which will enable her to grow closer to God.   She currently works as a CNA, taking care of the elderly.