SAT-7, Middle East Satellite Television

Denis Weins Vice President for Ministry Partnerships

SAT-7 is a Middle East and North Africa indigenous Christian broadcast media ministry broadcasting via satellite 24/7 throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The network supports four channels in the major languages of the region: Arabic, Farsi and Turkish. The ministry’s mission is to build the Church through non-political and non-partisan, biblically based programming, more than 80% of which is produced in the Middle East by Middle Easterners.


Our Sister Church (Christmas Lutheran) broadcasts through SAT-7. In a region characterized by high illiteracy rates and countries closed to the gospel, SAT-7’s convergence of theology, technology and timeliness positions it for greater impact for such a time as this.SAT-7 is making the gospel available to everyone in the Middle East and North Africa. Learn more at  

1. On Friday March 20 a special live broadcast offering encouragement and prayer support will be aired from Lebanon to give viewers the opportunity to connect to the program and share how the current situation is affecting them and their families.

2.We are making every effort to ensure our live programs continue, our Audience Relations teams can respond to our viewers and that whatever happens over the coming weeks and months, SAT-7 will continue its ministry

3. SAT-7 has a unique role to ensure they are informing viewers as well as encouraging them spiritually to deal with the situation across the Middle East.

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