Kingdom Seed

This week’s eNewsletter
feature story is written by
Rev. Raymond Hylton, FPCE senior pastor

Dear friends,

I have a poster on one of the doors in my office that says, “Though you can count the number of seeds in an apple, it is impossible to count the number of apples in a seed.” This rich quote was given to me by my sister in Christ, Liz Ribeiro.

According to information provided by the University of Illinois Extension Urban Program, apples have five seed pockets or carpels, and each pocket contains seeds. The number of seeds per carpel is determined by the vigor and health of the plant. Different varieties of apples will have a different number of seeds. Every seed has a universe of unimaginable growth potential in it.

On account of my love of gardening, I have become a seed collector and planter. In early spring, I take my seeds and plant them in the soil knowing that, with healthy soil, ample water, and sunshine, growth will happen. I know full well that if I discard my seeds and never plant anything, there will be no growth.

The same is true in life. Galatians 6:7 offers a warning and promise: Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

Here’s the clear warning:  We can go through life sowing seeds of anger, bitterness, hate, revenge, unforgiveness, and contempt. Guess what we will reap? A harvest of darkness and pain.

And here’s the promise:  What if we went through each moment of life sowing seeds of kindness, love, mercy, praises, forgiveness, and patience with self and others? We would reap a harvest of blessing. God’s light will shine in and through us.

No seeds cast and planted at all? The warning is there’s no promise at all. All potential is lost.

On Sunday, we will read one of Jesus’ shortest parables, from Luke 13:18-19. Take a look. The parable uses a seed to describe the vast, powerful, unseen Kingdom of God.

The farmer takes the smallest seed in the world, a mustard seed, and sows it in the ground. That small seed grows into a tree big enough for the birds to perch on its limbs.

The point of the parable? We are the people of God’s Kingdom, those birds up in those farthest branches. Every time we chose the way of Jesus, and choose to live his life in the world, we are planting seeds and the Kingdom of God advances. So, go ahead. Start planting.

  • The seed of one friendship made
  • The seed of one letter sent
  • The seed of intercessory prayer for others
  • The seed of one word of encouragement given
  • The seed of forgiveness
  • The seed of sharing Christ
  • The seed of commitment
  • The seed of service
  • The seed of one helping hand given
  • The seed of repentance
  • The seed of conviction
  • The seed of daily Scripture reading

Hope to see you on Sunday,

Pastor Ray Hylton