Dan and Kathy Shiau

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity’s vision is to establish and advance witnessing communities of student and faculty on college campuses where people are transformed by Christ, campuses are renewed, and world-changers are developed and launched as agents for God’s kingdom. In their respective roles, Kathy and Dan lead in this mission both locally and nationally.

  • Dan is an Associate Learning Director that develops curriculum and trains new InterVarsity staff throughout our national movement. He just started this job in 2018. Previously, Dan was an area director in Chicago and a campus staff member at UIC and Boston University.
  • Kathy is an Area Director that leads a team of campus staff members at Northwestern University as well as University of Chicago and has been in this role since 2012. Previously, Kathy was a campus staff member at Northwestern University and the University of Michigan.

1. Pray for Kathy and her team, who lead undergraduate ministries at Northwestern and UChicago, as they engage in pastoral care for students on these campuses. UChicago has determined that the rest of the year will be online; Northwestern extended spring break for a week, and the first 3 weeks of spring quarter are online. The uncertainty of whether or not students will return to campus is a source of anxiety for many.

2. Pray for all of the graduating students, who are grieving the loss of their final quarters together on campus. As one staff on my team put it, “spring quarter is often seen as the Promised Land” after 4 years of hard work. It’s a huge loss to not be able to celebrate the end of a significant chapter of their lives.

3. Pray for depth in online community in a season of in-person social distancing. Pray for the students who already feel isolated because of mental health issues.

4. Pray for all of the faculty, who are needing to figure out how they will suddenly conduct their classes online. Pray that they would experience grace.

5. Pray for wisdom and insight for Dan and his team in this unique season. There are opportunities to develop or discover new tools in digital learning that can accelerate ministry even after this time of crisis, and we want to be open and seeking the doors God is opening.

6. Pray for the leaders of IV with future decisions yet to come. One that impacts Dan significantly is whether they will still run Orientation for New Staff (ONS) in late June. Dan is the director of this week-long gathering, and the work for it makes up about 25% of his job.