At their regular June 25 meeting, FPCE session members unanimously adopted a number of significant changes to the church’s leadership structure. These changes, which will be effective January 2020, move the church from a bicameral system to a unicameral system of governance.
These changes were the result of months of research and discussion borne out of our ongoing strategic planning initiative.
The following changes were approved:
  • Merging of the Board of Trustees and the Session (also known as Elders) into one body, which will continue to be known as the Session.
  • Creation of a new council within the Session to be known as the Resource Steward Council (RSC), with the president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary of the trustees serving as its members, along with other session members with expertise in finance and law.
  • As part of the merger of the two bodies, the total number of Session members (Elders) will gradually be reduced from 18 to 12 as current terms come to an end.
  • A team of representatives appointed by the Session will create a detailed transition plan to manage the change.
Having sitting church elders serve as president and treasurer of the First Presbyterian Society (the legal entity vested with the standing to conduct business on behalf of the church) and also participating fully in overall governance is a significant change. At the same time, the proposed Resource Steward Council will manage many of the day-to-day functions of the current Board of Trustees without requiring a 3-year term, with the exception of Society officers who shall continue to serve for 3-year terms.

The ultimate goal is to make the oversight of FPCE both more streamlined and effective by reducing the number of meetings and improving communication among leaders.

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