Since our last update on Sunday, February 17, here are key progress points we want to share:

Sunday, March 24, during Fellowship Hour, the Design Team will be present to answer questions; this will take place every month.

  • Stewardship: the Task Force is focusing on the financial aspects of stewardship for now, looking at how income and expense management are connected; As a strong starting point, our Church is blessed by a financial participation above 80% of members!
  • Hospitality: we identified a high level of energy and initiatives to make our visitors most welcome; we are defining proposals to make these more effective, resilient and sustainable over time.
  • Ministry survey: More than 90% of the 60+ surveys have been collected from Ministry leaders; we have gathered a lot of data, the task at hand now is proportional to the the volume of initiatives and volunteer work our congregation mobilizes, which is a clear sign to us of the Spirit’s grace upon our Church.
  • Governance: the Task Force is looking at all aspects of the work of Deacons, Elders and Trustees, to make sure none of the strengths of our Church are lost as we compare to the practices of other churches surveyed; As you have noticed, our Board of Deacons has already mobilized several other Ministry groups in its mission, to serve Christ with joy.

Design Team: Alexis Langlois, Tim Minich, Jon Phillips, Susan Powell, Karen Shaw, Kathy Shiau

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