FPCE’s latest round of Adult Education Classes have begun. Below is a list of the classes, which take place between services on Sundays:

Mission (Dining Room) – This 12-week class entitled “Conversations about the Holy Land” will focus on the following questions: “How do we see ourselves in the Biblical narrative, and how might Palestinian Christians or Jews have a different viewpoint?”, “How do we address the issues of ‘the land’, the wall and ethnic differences?” Our planned guest speakers include: Rev. Dr.  Munther Isaac, Rabbi Brent Rosen, and Rev. Dr. Don Wagner. There will be two optional field trips: The Holocaust Museum and the Oriental Museum at the University of Chicago. Dates for these trips to be announced later. Facilitators: K.K. Yeo, Dave and Sally Ivaska, Denise Drane and Caryl Weinberg. Class began March 3.

Theology Roundtable (Room 206) – “The Good News” is a study of Paul’s letter to the Romans and its relevance to issues of our society. The format for this group (formerly known as Sunday Morning Forum) is seminar, not lecture. Facilitators: Richard Bell, Ned Hale, LeRoy Klemt, and James Singh. Meetings will begin March 10.

Theology, Ethics, and the Sermon on the Mount (Parlor) – Theology, the words we use to talk and think about God, and ethics, the guidelines set by which we govern our lives, are not separate entities/things, but two sides of the same coin—when properly considered, Christian theology is Christian ethics and Christian ethics is Christian theology. The Sermon on the Mount is the longest ethical discourse in the New Testament, and has been for millennia the touchstone for the properly ordered Christian life. The Sermon is the most commented upon portion of Scripture throughout the church’s history, and it can be claimed that one’s reading of the Sermon says much about one’s understanding of Jesus and Christian theology, acting as “a great litmus test for any reader’s broader theological commitments and understandings.” Over the course of this Sunday school class, the facilitators will lead participants in discussions of the Sermon, considering Jesus’ words in their historical context, literary form, and contemporary relevance. We will be concentrating on how Jesus’ teaching challenge us today as we seek to be faithful Christians in 2019 America. Facilitators: J.J. Ivaska and Pastor Henry Coates. Class began March 3.

Parenting Class, April 28- May 19 (Room 213) – Parents, grandparents, and mentors of youth and children of all ages are invited to join us as we wrestle with the challenges of caring for and developing Christ-centered youth and children in the digital age.
Facilitator: Pastor Amanda Golbek.