• Recent Highlights of Strategic Planning Process at FPC Evanston

    We’re in a season of recommitting ourselves to mapping out the course God has for us. Whether it’s one step at a time or mile after mile, we’re seeking to be obedient as we eagerly participate in His plans!

    Over the past four months, while the week-to-week ministries of FPC Evanston have continued with the same consistency and excellence, behind-the-scenes work has taken place to poise the church for more healthy growth in ministry in the coming years.

    Below are the highlights of the work thus far. Last month a Design Team email was established to receive input or inquiries from membership: designteam@firstpresevanston.org. Please feel free to contact us there with any questions you might have.

    Fall 2018

    • The recommendations of the Ministry Architects Report of October 13, 2018 were accepted and the timeline for implementation was endorsed by the Session.
    • Successful orientation of the Design Team for the work ahead took place.
    • Collaborative conversations with staff members to increase communication clarity established a rhythm that has continued.
    • Design Team members adopted specific tasks from the strategic planning timeline and wholeheartedly engaged the process.


    Winter 2019

    • Visioning Summit for Combined Leadership Retreat was led by Ministry Architects
    • Elders, Deacons, Trustees, & Design Team drafted goals and benchmarks to establish a clear direction with measurable outcomes. These are under review with projected approval at next Session meeting.
    • A survey to identify the Investment and Impact of every FPCE ministry was created and distributed to ministry leaders. Some data has been received while others still need to complete surveys.
    • A Leadership Structure Task Force was recruited and initiated a survey of church governance among 8 comparable churches. Data points from surveys are informing the task force’s observations and recommendations as Session will consider change in FPCE’s leadership boards: Elders, Deacons and Trustees.
    • A MissionInSite demographic report was obtained to help inform the missional impulse of the strategic planning process.
    • A Year-Round Stewardship Task Force was recruited to explore ways to affirm and encourage stewardship of time, talent and offerings throughout the year.


    Our hope is that this entire process, which will continue into 2020, would be supported by the prayers of the membership and marked by clear communication and a collaborative climate among the church members and staff (who are also integral members of the church family). With a unified adherence to the vision combined with thoughtful, intentional steps into change, we are confident that the Holy Spirit will lead us into deeper experiences of knowing Christ, following Christ, and serving Christ together.