• The Strategic Plan’s Visioning Summit was held on January 11 and 12. The Ministry Architects team led 60 Elders, Deacons, Trustees, staff and Design Team members in brainstorming.

  • The Summit resulted in a deeper understanding about the mission of our church, our core values, our 10 year goals, and how we will measure achievement.

  • The Design Team now needs to translate these ideas into action steps. The result will then be presented to Session for discussion about a clear plan forward.
    In parallel to the Summit, the following topics are being studied by various teams of church members:

  1. Stewardship: defining a comprehensive stewardship approach that encompasses time, talent, spiritual gifts as well as financial contributions
  2. Governance: surveying 8 other similar size churches in the Presbytery on their governance model
  3. Ministries inventory: launching a survey to all Ministry leaders to measure the current time and talent commitment of each Ministry